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Welcome our webshop. Enjoy your stay looking through our webpages packed full of lovely and perfectly crafted pieces of jewelry made of premium stainless steel and titanium.
MeinGalgo. Modern designer jewelry crafted with modern materials
Jewelry made of stainless steel or titanium combine many advantages of modern and classic crafting materials. As solid and case-hardened, as care-free the materials are. The high skin compatibility as well as the anti-allergic attributes (especially of titanium) make our products also viable for people which tend to have unwanted reactions to other materials.
In comparison with other materials such as silver or any other alloy, the high toughness of our working material allows matted and polished surfaces to stay much longer in their original condition.

Why titanium?
Titanium is a very solid and (compared to stainless steel) also light weighted metal. The little weight in combination with its unique anti-allergic, skin-friendly nature make it a perfectly well fitting material in our collections.
Due to the high melting point of titanium (1800°C), a lot more effort has to be made to bring it to perfection – apart from its significantly higher procurement costs.
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