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Pendant Sighthound "OONA"

Product No.:
1 week after clarification (desi (abroad may vary)
OONA - silver
OONA - red
OONA - blue
OONA - green
OONA - pink
59,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Eponym for this pendant is a sweet Galga Espanol with long hair. According to the Indian the translation of OONA is: The Unique. But also "the Irish goddess of change", which is just as highly applicable because OONA infected today full of energy and vitality. And this is still treated by a fraction, which is now healed by physiotherapy.
Handcrafted from high-quality materials will be delivered in an exclusive, original "meinGalgo" - jewellry case.

Greyhound: high quality stainless steel
Collier clip: high quality stainless steel
Ronde: poplar wood

Mass of the pendant:
Diameter: approx 60mm
Height: approx 70mm
Thickness: about 5mm (Ronde) / 8mm (Collier clip)
9g (very comfortable to wear)

Please notice:
OONA is available in different colors. Regarding to the difficult procedure of coloring there could be differences in color and grain.
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