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Biologic care oil for wooden jewelery - 3ml

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To maintain our wood products we use natural and biological materials. Linseed or rather boiled linseed oil is ideal for biological and non-toxic treatment of wood in the interior and exterior area with low weathering stress - and therefore perfectly suitable for jewelery based on natural wood. Linseed oil penetrates deep into the wood and thus increases its resistance. On the surface forms a thin, water-repellent and moisture-regulating film. The natural character and the natural properties of the wood are thereby preserved.
Linseed oil is made from the flax seed and is a pure natural product. For centuries, linseed oil has been proven as a natural wood preservative. Linseed oil is processed with addition of drying substances to boiled linseed oil.

Scope of delivery:
- Glass bottle with pipette with 3ml boiled linseed oil
- Disposable gloves, 2 pieces
- Information sheet: Processing and safety instructions
Hazards and safefty instructions:
Store in closed containers and for transport. In case of spillage, if absorbed with absorbent material, keep it moist. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label. Flammable in very fine distribution, with a very effective surface and air-flow even self-igniting! Cleaning cloth, polishing cloth or brush must always be kept in a closed metal container after use.
Disposal instructions:
Do not give into the household waste! Empty glass or metal containers can be placed in the appropriate collection containers. Containers containing residual liquid must be disposed of at the waste disposal facility.
EU-limit for this product:
Category f (LG), 700 g/l VOC (2010), Actual value: < 700g/l VOC
ASN: 080111 – Gisbau-Code: M-DF 03
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